About OV Solutions

OVS Distributes Surveillance products via system integrator partners.

Please contact us if you have an opportunity and would like to discuss or buy product.


Uniview is our solid business partner with products to fit most any need.

OVS has provided our Resellers with surveillance and security services ranging from small-scale, to multi-location mid-scale systems. We have also helped engineer large-scale (7000+ unit) solutions.

We have grown to support best-in-industry hardware and software solutions from multiple vendors, and have evolved our business to focus on providing service and guidance for both security system integrators.

We know hardware, we know software, and we can help your installation team navigate a surveillance project at any phase form installation to management and training.

Founded in 2011, we have assisted our integrator partners with 10,000+ Installations

We Support a wide variety of markets, and have assisted our resellers with installing and managing systems in a large variety of physical, geographical, and situational contexts:

  • Integrators/resellers - We support our integrators, by designing systems, assisting with product selection, providing training, and offering ongoing support. We want to help you with each job, and will provide extensive guidance you won’t find elsewhere. From pre-sale to post install.
  • K-12 Education and Universities - We have knowledge and experience to provide the correct solutions to help secure campuses. From rural schools to large universities. We can work with local authorities to make sure that you overcome your challenges.
  • Healthcare - From your local clinic to regional large-scale hospital systems, we can tie it all together.
  • Government Facilities - Courthouses, municipalities, public parks, and government institutions. We provide safe, easy to use, high quality product that delivers.
  • Prisons & Jails - We know the challenges of working in these environments. Experience with migration of dated legacy systems to modern Tech.
  • Commercial, Industrial, and Manufacturing - Keep your employees safe, manage facilities and production. Helping your business be more efficient.
  • Athletic Facilities - We have solutions from your local gym to professional athletic complexes. We can help you with liability concerns and general security of your staff, customers, and property.
  • Retail - Protect your customers, employees, and assets. Point of Sale (POS) integration options available.
  • Residential and Multi Tenant Housing - Secure your property and give your tenants peace of mind.
  • Restaurants - We have solutions that can meet your budget. In locations from Quick-Serve, bar/nightclub to fine dining. We can help you cover your space and remotely watch what's going on.
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Hands-On Experience
Years of hands-on experience with integrators. We know your struggles and we're here to make your job easier.
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Timely Service and maintenance
Teamviewer Ships on all of our systems. Just give us a call and we can remote in to help you set up, troubleshoot, or train. We can provide remote services to drive additional revenue for your business
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In security there is no such thing as cookie cutter, we live and breathe custom requirements and installations.
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Sound Design
With 40+ years experience and thousands of systems deployed, we know how to manage your customers' needs.
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Latest Technology
We make the latest technologies available through access to best-in class providers.
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We work with dealers, resellers and distribution centers nationwide.

Not Sure Where to Start?

There are so many ways to set up your system. We provide best-of-breed products in the surveillance marketplace.
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Save Time
Professional System design speeds selection and implementation.
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Industry Leading Components
Future-proof your investment by getting equipment that meets your needs.